viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Short Story 1

In a beautiful village near the woods lived Mr. Thomas and Ms Thomas. They had a little girl called Meredith. This little girl used to play with her neighbors, one of them was older than her, and the other 2 were younger and other had the same age as her. This Meredith's friend was called Stacy, both were 12 years old in that warm summer.
One day when Meredith was playing with her friends at the lake near home, her mother yelled her she came back home immediately. She went fast. She was little far from home. She started to run happily but no was until she saw an old man who had a gun in her mother's back. She ran as fast as she could. She arrived home and came in. She and her mother were in danger. Her father had gone to the farm to collect some vegetables for dinner. The old man closed the door behind him and started to ask her mother about the money she had saved up.
This man knew about this family and the money they were saving up to Meredith's school. They always wanted the best for their daughter. They also saved up for a new house in the city, they wanted to move in when summer ended.
Stacy, who was playing with Meredith, saw something strange. She decided to stop playing and decided to take a look at her friend's house and see was going on. She saw an old man who was wearing a pair of old brown boots, jeans and a red and black checked shirt with a gun in his hands. She was scared. She ran home and told their parents but none of them believed. She ran to her next door, rang the door bell desperately waiting for an answer but, nothing. She came back home again and told the same story at her parents, she was broken down. Her father decided to go and investigate. Stacy's father was an army man. He went to the Thomas' with his old gun but, nothing was happening there. Mrs. Thomas was preparing the dinner and Mr. Thomas was reading the newspaper. Stacy's father asked if there was something strange, but the answer was not. Stacy was terrible surprised, all that she had seen was a fake story. Her father wouldn’t believe her anymore. She lost heart and decided to go home with her father. All the way home, which was no far fortunately, her father told her not to make up such kind of stories about things that concerned people.
The next day something strange was going on but Stacy did not realize. “What was going on that I did not notice about it? Something important was missing. What was it?” She thought. She went to the city with her parents and siblings. She did not know what the problem about that was. She returned home late and she was very tired of shopping and walking with her brothers.
The next day was Sunday. It was a sunny day in summer. Stacy was playing at the lake with her brothers. Mrs. and Mr. Thomas were waving her and she answered them kindly. For a long hour she did not remember about something important. Meredith. “Where is she?” she asked herself. “She doesn’t come to play with me today, why?” “I’ll ask her parents”. She stopped playing and decided to ask Meredith’s parents about her. She went to Meredith’s house, and asked about her. They stayed talking for a while but Stacy did not believe. She was strongly surprised and broke down on tears.
Meredith disappeared two years ago.