martes, 10 de abril de 2012

Short Story 2

It was a cloudy morning in a village called Uster in Poland. That day a boy was lying in his bed watching the weather through the window. He did not get up until his mother called him to have breakfast. His mother said to him “come on Jim, breakfast is ready, you have to go to school, don’t forget it”. He got up and dressed up. That morning was so particularly strange, he thought that something weird could happen in his way at the school or maybe while he was waiting for the bus. He finished eating breakfast and then he went to the bus stop. While he was waiting at the bus stop, a blue car stopped suddenly because a big black dog was running along the street to Jim, the car almost crashed. Jim was very afraid about that big black dog and he started to get nervous, but fortunately the dog ran away from him. Then he saw the man in the car, he was so nervous too but then few minutes later the man continues his way. Finally the bus arrived and he went to school. At the end of the day when he was coming back home, he saw the same blue car that he had seen in the morning crashed into a big tree and the big black dog was near by the car staring at him.

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