viernes, 7 de marzo de 2014

Do you believe in love?

The story begins on a grey cloudy morning. I woke up as I usually do at 8 a.m. in the morning. I got my trousers and then I got dressed. Every morning I have as breakfast coffee with 3 spoons of sugar and 2 big biscuits. The traffics was normal as it was used to, there was any strange sound nor strange crazy drivers going as fast as they could because they had been arriving late. The street was almost quite, with its usually hustle and bustle of people and vehicles. Regardless to the weather, not much to say besides it was grey and those grey clouds looked like they were going to break into tears. I finished my coffee while I was listening the news on TV. I know that this thing is strange but, I am a modern person, I listen the TV sometimes while I am doing other things. Nevertheless, I was expecting something. Something. Something unknown or something amazing, maybe surprising. I was thoughtless about the matter. So, I decided to go and watched out of the window, what I saw there, the surprising street, those green trees, those grey clouds, those craziest people walking from one way to other. I stopped my eyes on one point, I was thinking about that. That thought about that something. But, nothing happened. I kept watching out of the window seeing people and those new trend cars; there are of course too expensive. Then I started to think of myself on one of those new cars. I imagined driving through the city waving the people I know and then I imagined myself on an expensive holiday on the Caribbean. Standing on a Caribbean beach with a glowing sun, white sand and a big variety of exotic drinks, relaxed. On that moment, while I was at that beautiful beach I remembered my love. My unlimited love, someone I loved endlessly. Something unexpected happened, the doorbell rang. I jumped and fell out of my thoughts. I barely saw who it was from my window. My best bud was standing at the door. Thinking better, was he? It was somebody definitely, that someone held a box, gave it to me and left without saying a word. While I was going upstairs I realized that this was completely strange, this was the something. I ran upstairs opened the door, I put the box on the next table and I started to open it. The box was not big, was a medium size box. I tore the paper, unwrapped and then I found a piece of white paper written on a clear handwritten. All the feelings came to my body; I know this was the something I was expecting at. The day was perfect. A perfect grey weather and the traffic, what to say about it, was normal as usually. I read the piece of paper, my letter by the way, the something I expected to. Reaching the end, I found something completely strange. It put me out of my mind; this someone wrote “do you believe in love?”. As I always considered, I said I am a human being; I am prepared to give love and to receive it. My mind went crazy, I actually believed that. I brought back the memories of my endlessly love, the person I had chosen to give my love. I flew through all my knowledge, through all my thoughts. The next moment, I fell too away from my reality. I doubt about what I gave and what I had received. I did love nobody and that all was fake. Why this box had to arrive to me. Why I had to think. From those lonely moments, I realized I was lying on the ground. I was flying watching my body there, I was seeing myself chocking and collapsing. That was the moment I understood that my wonders were solved and my fears were vanished, but I though a last time about the paper box, the white letter, the extensive handwriting, and the meticulous chosen phrases. Was it my love? Was it my person?

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