lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

Short Story 4

The hospital had a large lobby and the chairs were kind of worn out. I could tell the typical furniture, it was empty. By the corridor of this old hospital, there were no people; at this time I realized that I was practically alone in this half in ruins, medium old building.  I kept walking until I arrived at another room, it seemed to be the operation's room but it was the investigation’s room indeed. In this room the medical assistants brought bodies to analyze and to know the reason why of their death. I did not realize what I really was doing there, but I knew that something important I had to do there. I turned around and I saw myself on a window glass, I was dressed up like a doctor. I did not know why I was like this. I was wearing a white jacket and a pair of latex's gloves. The gloves were the same that the doctors use to check patients. I walked more beyond, until I suddenly remembered of something that it was made me to carry out. I had to analyze a body. I walked beyond where I was. The first tables were empty and all were from a shiny iron. They were made of steel. I went to the only table which was occupied by somebody. This was covered by a white blanket. I slid it and I realized that it was somebody I knew very well, but I could not see its face. I lasted a few seconds in realizing that it was actually a clone of mine. I brought back again the task that had been entrusted me to do, but this time it was not to analyze, instead of it was to cut up the body that was on the table. I saw me again in that cold table covered with that white sheet, but I was not afraid neither nauseous by carrying out the task which had been given me, even more knowing that I was going to cut up myself. I removed the blanket and I began to cut. First I began to cut the arms. Later, I continued with the legs. I had waited for something that never happened, there was not blood. The part of the body which I had cut no blood was flowing, instead of it there were images, the same I had seen on anatomical books. They were blood and tissues' images.  I continued, I cut the head and after that I got rid of all I had cut. I threw it all to a bin that was nearby there. There was never fear neither sensation of contempt by the task I was carrying out. I moved on but this time I opened the thorax. I cut it and with a pair of forceps I held it so it could not close. There, I just found the liver, the heart and the lungs. There was as if the other organs had never existed in that body. First I took the liver. I took it to another table where there were other surgical instruments.  I cut in several pieces. I kept cutting it. I cut it in smaller pieces. It was almost ground.  After having shattered the liver I began to feel a pain on one side of my body, it hurt. I returned to the body, there were just two organs left. I took the lung. I opened it to check if it was damaged by the tobacco. It was not black. It was as an average person's lung who hardly smokes.  I left it and back for the last piece, the heart. I took it with my hands but something stopped me. This was still beating as if the person who was there lying on the table was alive.  Without any doubt I pulled it out from the body. I had it in my hands and then saw the body on that steel table. In that moment, I noticed that the person who was there was my version lifeless. I did not doubt and took the heart to the table where I had cut the liver. I cut it in four.  In that moment, I had a sharp pain through my chest, I touched it and, I noticed that the beatings were weaker and they were going out. These beatings were completely different, they were beating in different rhythms. I saw the table where the heart cut in four was laid down and I noticed that each one of its parts beat independently of itself. Immediately I began to feel weaker, my vision had begun to cloud; the air was getting more and more scarce. I was falling down slowly and noticing as each part of the heart beat in my interior and each time there was less and less air in that room.
I jumped from my bed and saw the bright sun through my window. It was a beautiful morning.

Story based on S. Cabrera. Narrated and recreated by J.L. Pereyra


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  1. Dude you are an awesome writier! to be able to write not just in your native language but also in your second language. wow. kudos bro. I enjoy reading all your stuff. keep it coming!!!