viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Short Story 3

On the side of a beautiful lake was Jams laying on the green lawn. He was looking at the bright sky and the white clouds. He was looking at them and trying to find interesting forms of these white clouds.  The clouds were so white that they looked like cotton. The day was so peaceful, birds were singing beautifully, the sky was brighter and the weather was warm. Jams decided to get up from the comfortable lawn. He got up and went to the bay to get into the lake on his boat. He got in and went to the middle of the lake rowing himself. There was a soft breeze. Jams was very pleased to be there. There, in the middle of the lake he could see everything and appreciate the bright sky and the white clouds.
The water was moving the boat softly. Jams was glad to be there that particular day on the lake but he did not see further more into those trees in front of him. The clouds were bright and white yet but the wind changed and started to be very rough, all the time was changing its direction. The boat moved brusquely and Jams got very nervous. But suddenly everything stopped, there was no more moving at all. The lake seemed a glass, but when he saw into it the clouds were no whiter, instead they were black. He was staring at something into the lake. There was something strange –what is that? – He said, and that replied him – I’m coming for you – Jams jumped up and hid into the small boat. The thing was bright. It was white too and was moving in circle around the boat. The thing was dragging him in. Jams screamed loud but nobody could help him. Screamed one more time, he was into the water this time, and the boat was sinking with him. He screamed as loud as he could, but, no answer was heard. He was getting closer and closer to that lighten white thing. This time he screamed the loudest than his lungs allowed to. There was water all around him, nobody could hear him.
Jams breathed out and woke up brusquely on his boat, he almost fell into the lake.


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  1. I like your creppy puzzles stories. :D

    about this one... well, have to say that it's an interesting metaphor.